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Yoga for Healing, Recovery and The Sensitive Soul


Uniting into Oneness

Yoga means to ‘unite.’ It is the practice of integrating the breath, mind, and body. Yoga helps you to recognize and respond to feeling overstimulated, and it provides you with tools to cope with distress. It increases your resiliency and, in turn, decreases your reactivity to anxiety, insecurity, and fear. Practicing yoga interrupts the stress cycle of negative self-talk by creating an internal shift towards feeling relaxed, safe, inspired and more hopeful. It is the process and practice of moving from a state of disconnect and separateness into one of connection and oneness.

How I can Help

Yoga is a wonderful compliment to talk therapy. Slow-paced, intentional and nurturing, it creates inner stillness and soothes our overstimulated nervous systems. Using EMDR with yoga is a powerful relationship that strengthens your ability to move through difficult situations, past traumas, painful feelings, and sensations. This relaxing approach opens up the conversation without causing a shutting down, avoiding, or acting out of emotions. Yoga and talk therapy offer a holistic approach to healing and recovery from trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image issues, and other addictions. Yoga also compliments the highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive client by using their natural sensitivity to filter sensory stimuli, improve emotional resiliency, and release toxic emotional build up.

Compassion. Kindness. Acceptance.

Elements of Yoga: The Breath, Mind, & Body

Yoga unites the three elements of life – body, mind, and breath (soul) – by practicing the three elements of healing – compassion, kindness, and acceptance. Accepting and fully experiencing your true self is vital for positive mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Through focused awareness on the connection of breath to the thoughts and sensations reflected in your body, yoga helps you cultivate empathy and self-understanding. You learn to give yourself permission to stay present in your strength- breath by breath, and moment by moment.

About Jean

Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist

Hi! I, too, have traveled the path of realizing One-Self. Having traveled my own path to recovery and healing, I am passionate about helping others walk their unique journey to freedom. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I experience the same challenges and gifts of feeling “too much.” My sensitivity and intuition allow me to hold safe space for you as you experience yourself more fully. As a Free Spirit, I hope to inspire you to move past your limiting beliefs in order to embrace the free and real you.

My Approach to Yoga

My role is more about helping you overcome challenges, gain insight, improve coping skills, and alleviate emotional pain, and less about teaching proper yogic techniques and perfect poses. My approach is body inclusive, and touch is not used. Rather, I verbally move you from disconnection and separateness to connection and wholeness. Using trauma informed yoga language, I gently guide you in breath awareness and mindful movement. I also incorporate EMDR, aiding deeper healing and recovery from trauma. Unlike yoga classes at studios, working individually with a therapist or in a small therapeutic group offers you the time and space for deep emotional expression and release.

My Approach to Counseling

‘Relationships are what hurt and relationships are what heal.’ As a relational therapist, I believe healthy relationships are essential for life, and that connection IS the definition of mental health. Disconnection only leads to distress, progressive emotional disturbance, dysfunction, and dis-ease. From a strong, secure, therapeutic relationship as your living model, we will work together to heal and foster other relationships in your life (both with yourself and others).

Jean Dixon a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Certified Group Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Teacher. Jean is in private practice and is located in Houston and The Woodlands, Tx. Jean specializes in Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Self Esteem and Self Worth, Family of Origin issues, Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, and Emotional and Spiritual Growth. Jean also specializes in Group Therapy. Jean is trained in EMDR, Yoga (Trauma Informed) and Somatic Focusing offering whole body approach to healing and growth.

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