Sensitive Soul Yoga is for the Introverts, Empaths,and Highly Sensitive Persons

Come Together Sensitive Souls!

An overwhelming world can result in anxiety and depression. Are you feeling disconnected from yourself? Yoga means to ‘unite or come together as a whole.’  Sensitive souls need rituals that help them connect to themselves. The yogic practice of finding presence and safety with your sensations, thoughts and feelings are vital for the sensitive soul. Integrating the breath with the mind and body allows you to regulate your nervous system, feeling emotionally grounded and build resilience and strength. Yoga, dear Sensitive Soul, is where you come together as one.

Sensitive soul yoga is meant to be accessible to every body regardless of ability.

Online Yoga for Introverts and Empaths


Are you interested in yoga but going to a yoga class feels stressful? If you are an introvert or empath, attending a yoga classes can feel overwhelming. If you are a sensitive person or empath you know how sharing space with others can be distracting, overstimulating, intimidating and find it difficult to filter out your own experiences from others. As an alternative, I offer a weekly online guided personal practice. In each class, I combine a therapeutic issue or theme with yogic postures, guiding you through your own private, personal experience of embodiment. Each class is just for you, not shared with others, and can be downloaded for you to keep.

Hey there, I’m Jean,
Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist

I walk the path of One-Self.  As a Sensitive Person, I experience the same gifts and challenges as you do.  I have traveled my own path to recovery and healing and I am passionate about helping you walk your own unique journey to freedom and wholeness. My hope is that my sensitivity and intuition allow me to hold safe space for you as you experience yourself more fully. As a Free Spirit, I hope to inspire you to move past your limiting beliefs so that you may embrace the free and real you.

Compassion. Kindness. Acceptance.

Elements of Yoga: The Breath, Mind, & Body

Sensitive Soul Yoga combines healing, compassion, kindness and acceptance while uniting the three elements of life; mind, body, and breath (soul). Through conscious awareness of connecting your breath to thoughts and sensations reflected in your body, sensitive soul yoga helps you to cultivate empathy and self-understanding and to build confidence. It is the practice of being fully present in your strength – breath by breath, moment to moment.

Jean Dixon a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Certified Group Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Teacher. Jean is in private practice and is located in Houston and The Woodlands, Tx. Jean specializes in Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Self Esteem and Self Worth, Family of Origin issues, Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, and Emotional and Spiritual Growth. Jean also specializes in Group Therapy. Jean is trained in EMDR, Yoga (Trauma Informed) and Somatic Focusing offering whole body approach to healing and growth.

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